Wivid AB

The Place of Light for Industrial Horticulture and Greenhouses  
Discover the industrial LED light manufacturing company Wivid. We have a broad background where our personal competences cover supplies to the largest international companies in “high-quality—low-cost lighting”. We use this principle and consider ourselves enablers of the most cost-effective and energy efficient LED grow lights.

The World of Wivid ... LED Light for Greenhouses
We deliver the PAR light we promise, with low energy consumption and to a low total cost. Defined by low costs and energy savings, we design and manufacture all types of full-spectrum LED grow lights to replace 400W, 600W, and 1000W MH, HPS, fluorescent lighting and even older LED systems.

Grow LED Lighting for Vertical Farming --- We dedicate every moment to rethink the use of light in the future. Each and every day, we think about plant growth, reducing energy and light costs of our customers in horticulture and vertical farming with the right growth light. Recent LED technology and our light designs is what makes our customers satisfied with us as light suppliers.

Address:   Dahlbergsgatan 8 Skelleftea, 93133 Sweden
Email:  info@wivid.com
Phone:  +46702746224   FAX: 


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