Victory Innovations

The better way to spray  
Victory Innovations has a one of a kind Electrostatic Sprayer's for application of water-based plant protectant. When spraying pesticides or herbicides, full coverage of the plant is important. Victory innovation's technology not only saves time/labor but also saves on chemical while applying more effectively with even and complete coverage. Our electrostatic technology ensures water-based particles attract and cling to surfaces like magnets, even the backs and undersides of leaves. With our cordless design, your operators can move quickly and easily from plant to plant.

The fastest, most versatile, and easiest-to-use backpack and handheld cordless electrostatic sprayers.

Electrostatic Technology -- There’s a smarter way to apply chemicals, whether you need to disinfect a space or protect plants from disease and pests. Electrostatic sprayers are the better choice.

Address:   2300 Edison Blvd Twinsburg, OH 44087
Phone:  800-741-7788   FAX: 


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