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Velosio -- Greenhouse Management System

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    What Growers Need in a Greenhouse Management Software Solution
    Greenhouse Growers, Nurseries and Propagators can make better, more profitable decisions about production, operations, inventory, labor and shipping by having all critical business data in a single, easily accessible greenhouse management solution. A solution, built on the Microsoft platform and specially designed for greenhouses, delivers the real-time visibility growers need to improve customer retention, optimize inventory management, production forecasting, space utilization, plant sales, distribution, and finance.

    Our agriculture team at Velosio has deep experience in working at and with greenhouses of various sizes, from small operations that supply plants to local garden stores to very large growers that sell through Big-Box retailers. Velosio provides the only end-to-end greenhouse management solution in the industry that combines with the Dynamics financial application and integrates with other Microsoft applications, including M365, Power Platform and Customer Engagement.

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    Velosio Greenhouse Management Solution

    Built on a single, open Microsoft platform, Velosio’s system helps growers and nurseries sell more plants more profitably by providing complete visibility into their businesses to proactively manage production, inventory, capacity and labor.

    Greenhouse growers, nurseries and propogators are competing in a low-margin business. Whether they are selling through big-box retailers, home and garden centers or directly to consumers through retail stores or online sites, they are facing rising material and labor costs, uncertain economic conditions and changing customer demand.

    Many are using antiquated and disconnected systems that prevent the end-to-end visibility growers needed to make timely, insightful decisions that result in predictable and sustained business growth.

    Meeting these challenges requires a connected greenhouse management solution that provides real-time visibility into the entire retail supply chain, production processes and sales orders. Automated processes lead to faster throughput, lower costs, and fewer bottlenecks. Sales forecasts are more accurate, and profitability can be higher with insights into cost and revenue by plant and customer.

    Velosio Greenhouse Management Solution, built on the Microsoft platform provides a proven solution for growers looking to grow pretictably and profitably.

    How Top Growers Make The Profitable Move To Selling Online
    Retail channels are changing rapidly. Online selling is a growing portion of the plant sales market. Many top growers that have moved online are profitable, but their moves didn’t come without pitfalls along the way. How do you apply the lessons they learned to your online efforts?
    Our panel will include Velosio’s agribusiness expert and a leading eCommerce authority. They’ll share their experiences and key learnings in helping growers move online. You’ll walk away proven practices to make your move to online plant sales a success.

    5 Ways to Mitigate Risk in Grow-to-Order Operations
    Which plants make you the most money? Which are the costliest to grow? Who is your most profitable customer? Knowing this information is critical if you are going to maximize the value of your greenhouse. During a pandemic when supply chains are broken and retail demand are strained, you need access to and visibility into your data to make key decisions to sustain your operations.
    What steps can you take to keep your greenhouse operations viable and prepared for the unexpected risks that could lie ahead? Watch this video to learn how Velosio utilizes Microsoft Dynamics horticulture management solution to equip greenhouse growers to scale and grow their businesses even in unpredictable times.