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Speaker: Bobby Gibbs, Owner

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    Bobby Gibbs, Owner at Subtle Seed Farm  
    Bobby Gibbs and Jes Shick’s romance is the stuff of edgy romcoms. In 2016, while Shick was traveling through California, her Subaru blew a head gasket near a medical cannabis farm. That’s where she met Gibbs, who managed the commercial operation. He offered Shick a job and the two fell in love, not only with one another but with growing cannabis side by side. Today, the couple does just that at Subtle Seed Farm, their 22-acre industrial hemp farm in Rutherford County. The property is situated in the Isothermal Belt, a zone in the foothills known for warmer temperatures and longer growing seasons. This unique climate is one reason why Gibbs and Shick traveled 2,500 miles across the country to put down roots. But they also chose the area for its agricultural heritage. This quiet, rural region is where folks tend to rally around farmers, no matter how unconventional their crops are. “We’re definitely a curiosity,” says Shick. “But farmers respect hardworking people. We’re all out here caring a lot about a crop, more than most sane people would. That has transcended our differences to make us many really good friends.”

    Subtle Seed Farm ... 100% Organically Crafted Hemp  
    Living soil-grown, Appalachian spring water fed, organically crafted, carefully dried & cured wholesale and retail hemp products. Our experiences have lead us to be loyal to certain methods of growing. We raise our plant babies organically, without the use of bottled nutrients, salts, or other chemical additives. While these make plants grow quickly, they demolish life in the soil, making them unsustainable and expensive.

    Who Is Subtle Seed Farm?
    Subtle Seed Farm is a 22-acre hemp farm located in Rutherford County’s own Greenhill. Subtle Seed began as part of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, in an effort to test the economic viability of hemp production in the state.

    We believe in providing our customers with product that we'd be proud to offer to our own family. Whether smoking CBD flower, or trying one of our yummy CBD tinctures, we hope that you'll find the healing and relaxation you seek.

    Address:   Rutherford County, North Carolina
    Phone:  970-977-7227   FAX: