Deer-Leerious TM Plants

    "Plants deer don't like to eat"   -  Here’s how the program works!

    Deer are not so cute when they’re eating your garden. They surely have a place, but using your plants as their dinner table is not one of them.

    Deer-Leerious TM  plants have been chosen based on research, reference guides and experience from gardeners throughout the country, as plants deer don’t like to eat.

    We have divided these deer-unfriendly plants into three categories to make plant selection more sensible.

    • First select Sun or Shade
    • Then look to see the deer rating for the Deer-Leerious TM  plants you want in your garden.

     #1, ‘Not Eatin’ This!” - Highest deer resistence

    You can be highly confident that deer will not eat this plant, unless they are starving.
    Two separate tags Place in Sunny Area or Place in Shady Area.


    #2, “Can’t Stand This!” - High Deer Resistence, when highly stressed they may nibble.
    You can be strongly confident that deer will not eat this - they are simply not interested.
    Two separate tags: Place in Sunny Area or Place in Shady Area
    #3, “Not Likin’ This!” - Medium to High deer resistence, If hungry deer may nibble.
    You can be confident that deer do not like this plant - they will almost always pass it by.
    Two separate tags: Place in Sunny Area or Place in Shady Area.
    No where is it written that plants deer do not like to eat have to be boring!
    "Gardens should be food for thought, peace and beauty...not food for deer"


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