Our Pots. Your Message.  
    Color Imprinting on JanorPots! Color printing on round containers has changed a great deal in a very short period of time. Now, printing on pots is, or so it seems, more important than having holes in the bottom of pots! JanorPot leads the industry in printing quality and printing knowledge.

    There is a broad range of design possibilities; numerous solutions for communication and education with color printing — simply, the easiest and most effective way to increase interest. Creative color graphics, well thought out to the purpose, convey meaning, feelings, attitudes without words! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words — color in those pictures increases the value. Some things are best left to the people who know that olive green conveys adventure, red is optimistic and exciting, lime is fresh and lively while blue is stability, calming. JanorPot uses a variety of creative resources to assist in design work. Printing on JanorPots. Your message — right up front.

    Address:     9740 E Hwy 318 Citra, FL 32113
    Email:    mikegibbs@summitplastic.com     Contact:   Mike Gibbs
    Phone:    352-546-2147   FAX:  352-546-2167



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