Year Round Sales -- Young Plants Shipped worldwide
    Tropical plants have one advantage... your customers want them every day of the year. Oglesby Plants International has been in the tropical plant business since 1947 and offers a complete line of tropical young plants to start your tropical line or compliment your existing line. All of our tropical plants are produced directly from tissue culture so you can count on a clean healthy start every time.

    Oglesby Plants International is well known in the ornamental plant industry as a leading supplier of high quality young plants for commercial growers around the world. Since 1947, Oglesby has always shrived to give our customers the newest varieties, the highest quality plants and to be the most reliable supplier in the industry.

    The companies founder, Ray Oglesby was always on the cutting edge of plant propagation and in the mid 1970's he started working with plant tissue culture. As an early pioneer, Oglesby helped make plant tissue culture propagation a commercial reality as a reliable and efficient method for plant propagation. Today, the legacy of Ray Oglesby continues with a vibrant company with over 100 dedicated employees who truly enjoy working with plants.

    Address:     26664 State Road 71 N Altha, FL 32421
    Email:     Contact:   Ginger Goff
    Phone:    (850) 762-3229   FAX:  (850) 762-0022


    Dottie Raines

    Sales Manager (Main Office)

    26664 SR 71N
    Altha, Florida 32421 U.S.A
    Phone 800.762.0022
    Phone 850-762-3296
    Fax 850.762.3806

    Ginger Goff

    Sales Representative Central Florida

    Cell 407-252-1538
    Fax 407-910-2500

    Val Bednarek

    Sales Representative Florida Panhandle & Southeast U.S.

    Phone 850.762.3296
    Cell 850.591.5252
    Fax 850.762.3806

    Jenny Rojas

    Sales Representative South Florida

    Cell 786-339-0325
    Fax 786-404-3379


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