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Spring Meadow Nursery -- Flowering Shrubs

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    Flowering Shrub Innovations  
    For over 35 years, nursery growers look to Spring Meadow for the best flowering shrub liners and genetics.

    About Us:
    Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc. (SMN) is a Michigan corporation founded 21 years ago by Dale Deppe and Liz Deppe. A wholesale propagation nursery that specializes in shrubs, vines, and small trees, they are an industry leader in new, colorful flowering shrubs. They grow over 700 different cultivars sold in trays containing 2 1/4", 4" or 5" sized pots to over 3,000 nurseries, garden centers, and mail order companies located across North America.

    Always Growing .... We believe that the horticulture industry should be innovative and forward-thinking. Learn how Spring Meadow uses new technologies, ideas, and products to create the highest quality shrub liners and the best value.

    Address:   12601 120th Ave. Grand Haven, MI 49417
    Phone:  800-633-8859   FAX:  800-224-1628