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Hillcrest Nursery

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    Herbs are Our Specialty!
    Hillcrest Nursery, Inc. is a Wholesale Grower of Annuals, Perennials, Finished Herbs, Vegetables, Succulents and Seasonal Plants in the MD, DC, NOVA area. Providing Independent Garden Centers with top-quality product year round.

    Hillcrest also specializes in Growing and Supplying Organic Cell Pack Herbs (Liner 105/100 & Split 102) to all 50 States and other area's including Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahama's. Customer's may order Directly from Hillcrest or place order's through their Local Broker-Sales Rep.

    Address:     21029 Gunpowder Rd. Millers, MD 21102
    Email:     Contact:  
    Phone:    410-239-7781   FAX:  410-239-4396


    Hillcrest Nursery offers a Wide Selection of Finished Herbs and Organic Cell Pack Herbs


    • Weekly Speculative Availability Offered Year-Round 
    • Contract Orders may be placed for Spring with at least 16 week lead time:
      • 2.5" Pot Size - 32/flat
      • 3.5" Pot Size - 18/flat
    • Local Delivery or Pick Up Only
    • Plants are indentified with Hillcrest Custom Mini-Portrait Tags. Picture on front with growing details on back. Back of tag includes unique UPC barcode.
    • 4.5" Quart Pot Size - 10/flat available in Summer and Fall


    • Certified Organic 1" hexagonal plugs (rooted from cutting or seed, variety depending)
    • Tray sizes offered: Liner 105/100 or Split 102/50 
    • Weekly Speculative Availability Year-Round
    • Contract Orders may be placed with a 12-15 week lead time
    • Program Info & Pre-Order Forms 
    • Orders in multiples of 200 plugs will fill boxing. 
    • Mini-Portrait tags are available to purchase in addition $11/100pk;  $5.50/50pk
    • Orders can be shipped via FedEx, UPS or Air Freight or can be picked-up on site


    Keeping up with the Newest Annuals, Perennials, Succulents and Seasonal Varieties.
    Available for Local Area (MD,DC,VA, PA, DE) Customer Pick-Up or Hillcrest Delivery*
    Finished Pot Sizes Only .. *Delivery Upon Approval

    Search Through our Selection on Plant Varieties at:

    If interested in becomming a New Customer, submit an Online Customer Application at:

    Upon application approval, logging in to will allow Viewer to access more details on Finished Plant Products such as: 

    • Container Sizes
    • Pricing
    • Availability

    For further questions, email: or call: (410) 239-7781

    OUR History

    Jim and Steve Hershfeld grew up in Baltimore and both worked in the family business, Bob Graham Florist, with their father Bud Hershfeld. In 1973, after graduating high school, Jim started making terrariums. He soon started a business of his own called, ‘Terrariums Made to Order’.  While Jim was growing terrariums to order, Steve worked in landscape design. After the long hours he put in doing landscape, Steve decided he wanted to work for himself and joined his brother, Jim. They started transporting foliage plants from Florida to Maryland, selling them wholesale. Soon thereafter, The Hershfeld brothers built a greenhouse in their parents’ yard on Hillcrest Avenue in Parkton, Maryland as a holding facility for these plants. In 1976, they bought a 30 acre farm in Millers, MD where they built 13,000 square foot of polyhouses. By 1983, they wanted to continue growing their company to compete with other high-tech, mechanized greenhouses in the industry, so they ordered a 25,000 sq ft glass house from V & V Noordland. They started growing bedding plants, perennials, and holiday crops for local independent garden centers. In the mid 80's, a local perennial grower, Richard Simon was disappointed with the lack of herb sales and asked Steve if he would like to buy his inventory.  Steve accepted his inquiry and purchased the herb pots. He started to propagate them to sell as plugs and sales quickly took off.  In 2008, Hillcrest Nursery Cell pack herb program acquired USDA organic certification.   Over the years, Hillcrest has updated and expanded their greenhouses to over five acres under glass with their newest house, a Westbrook open-air design, built in 2016. Today, Hillcrest Nursery, Inc. continues to grow and ship organic cell pack herbs nationwide, and is a large supplier to many local businesses. They master growing and selling annuals, perennials, seasonal plants, vegetables, succulents, and herbs.