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Oldcastle Lawn & Garden -- Jolly Gardener

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    Quality Mixes begin with Quality Ingredients

    Our commitment to Professional Products begins with Quality raw materials.  For example, our Pine Bark is aged, screened to size and then processed to ensure that we have a consistent mix which produces a consistent product.  We have over 40 facilities across the Unites States, most with automated lines which are fully programable to blend each product to the exact specification.  When you see any of our brand names, it should exude a sense of confidence that you are recieving the very best product in the marketplace. 

    Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience

    It is our mission to provide World-Class Customer service to every one of our customers.  When you place an order, we'll review the order with you, to ensure we are shipping to you the exact product you need for your own customers and/or growing needs.  We want to make the ordering and shipping process as effecient and effective as possible for your company.  Our goal is to build a great working partnership which is mutually beneifical for you and your business.

    Founded in 1999 ..... Jolly Gardener Products, Inc.  
    Oldcastle Lawn & Garden, doing business as Jolly Gardener Products, manufactures and sells consumer lawn and garden products. We offer soil products, such as garden soil with plant food, potting mixes with plant food, potting soil, top soil, peat humus, organic humus, composted cow manure, dehydrated cow manure, and shrub and tree planting mixes. The company also provides mulches, including products for inhibiting weeds, conserving water, preventing erosion, insulating roots and bulbs from extreme hot and cold weather, adding nutrients to the soil, and encouraging earthworms; potting mixes, perennial mulches, and organic compost blends; and soft landing playground surfacing products.

    The company serves nurseries, garden centers, hardware stores, retail centers, grocery and convenience stores, commercial landscapers, and municipalities. Oldcastle Lawn & Garden, Inc. was formerly known as Jolly Gardener Products, Inc. and changed its name to Oldcastle Lawn & Garden, Inc. in June 2006. The company was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Poland Spring, Maine. It has manufacturing facilities in the east coast and gulf coast of Florida; and the Mid-West. Oldcastle Lawn & Garden, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of CRH.

    Address:     481 Spring Water Rd Poland Spring, ME 04274
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    Phone:    207-998-5580   FAX:  207-998-5755


    Jolly Gardener Premium All Purpose Potting Mix

    This premium product is a perfect base for those who like to grow indoor or outdoor plants. It can be used a variety of applications, including containers, baskets and window boxes. This product comes in an 8qt, 16qt, 1cf and 2cf sizes.

    Jolly Gardener Premium All Purpose Potting Mix

    This premium product is a perfect base for those who lik to grow indoor or outdoor plants.  It can be used in a variety of applications, including containers, baskets and window boxes. 

    This product is avaiable in the following sizes:

    8qt - 210 per pallet

    16qt - 98 per pallet

    1cf - 65 per pallet

    2cf - 44 per pallet 

    Full Truckload Quantities are 20 pallets per truck.  Can be combined with other products.


    Jolly Gardener 2.8cf C/B Professional Potting Mix

    Blending in a mixture of Peat Moss and Aged Pine Bark, these soil products are very versatile in helping you grow a large variety of foliage and plants.  Appropriate mix for: Flowering Plants .. Foliage Plants .. Hanging Baskets .. Seeds & Cuttings .. Bedding Plants.

    Jolly Gardener C/B Professional Mix 

    Our Jolly Gardner C/B Professional Mix is a Peat and Bark based mix.  It blends in a mixture of Sphagnum Peat Moss and Aged Pine Bark, meaning this product is very versastile in helping you grow a large variety of plants and foliage. 

    If you grow any of these, this mix is ideal for you:

    Flowering Plants

    Foliage Plants

    Hanging Baskets

    Seeds & Cutting

    Bedding Plants 

    The ingredients which go into this mix include:

    Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

    Aged Pine Bark



    Also, all blends are pH adjusted and include a starter charge and a micronutrietns package. 

    This mix is available in 2.8cf, 60cf and Bulk.

    2.8cf - 45 bags per pallet

    60cf - 2 bags per pallet

    Bulk - sold by CY

    Full Truckload quantities are 20 pallets per truck, or 80 CY. 

    We can also mix in Hydrafiber as an option - please make sure to reach out to any of our expert Territory Managers for any information on this and other products!

    We love gardening. We're absolutely jolly about it and we hope our products will make you a jolly gardener as well! We take pride in gardening and in our business. Our Jolly Gardener mulches, garden soils, potting mixes and soil amendments are made from quality products from the lumber, forestry, farming and fishing industries-products that are prized by gardeners from Florida to Maine. Jolly Gardener products are produced and bagged at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities along the east coast, gulf coast of Florida and in the Midwest. The Jolly Gardener products you love and use are produced local to you, as we have more than 40 facilities.

    Jolly Gardener products are only sold through independent garden centers and other premium retailers. In 2010 we launched Jolly Gardener Premium soils and potting mixes. This premier line of garden soils and container mixes includes Jolly Gardener Premium Potting Mix with Plant Food, Jolly Gardener Moisture Mate Potting Mix with Plant Food and Jolly Gardener Premium Garden Soil with Plant Food: Veggie, Fruit, Flower and Herb Blend.

    We hope you have fun jolly gardening and we'd love to hear about it! Tell us about your jolly gardener experiences here.

    Jolly Gardener premium garden soils and mulches are shipped bulk and bagged to:

    • Nurseries
    • Garden Centers
    • Hardware Stores
    • Retail Centers
    • Grocery & Convenience Stores
    • Commercial Landscapers
    • Municipalities

    The Jolly Gardener retail brand products are owned by Oldcastle Lawn & Garden. Oldcastle Lawn & Garden is a multi-regional provider of packaged consumer lawn and garden products including: mulches, soils, organics, soil amendments limestone and decorative stone. The company operates 40 facilities and manufactures products under multiple brands, including Jolly Gardener®, Just Natural Organics®, Jolly Gardener® Pro-Line, Timberline, Soil Doctor™, Green 'n Grow™ and Kolorscape®. Oldcastle Lawn & Garden also provides a wide range of private labeled products for lawn and garden retailers.