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    Hoffman Nursery specializes in producing top quality, ornamental and native grass liners for the wholesale trade. Our customers include a broad range of the horticultural industry from local garden centers and landscapers to large-scale wholesale nurseries. Other clients include landscape design firms, municipalities, golf courses, and zoos.

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    David Hoffman – Senior Director of Sales and Operations

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    Joseph Luhn – Senior Director of Information Technology

    • (top row) John Hoffman, Jill Hoffman; (bottom row) David Hoffman, Martha Hamblin, Joseph Luhn

    Chameleon Little Bluestem

    Our newest Little Bluestem rocks the native grass world with its gorgeous stripes and changing colors. It's available for the first time in the U.S. through our nursery and promises to be a best seller.

    Schizachyrium scoparium 'Chameleon' PP31339

    Join our "Chat with the Breeder" session on Thursday, Jan. 7 at 2:00 pm EST to hear Thierry Delabroye talk about his selection. Get info and link to join here 

    Gorgeous stripes and changing colors elevate Chameleon Little Bluestem to glamour status. Bright white and green stripes adorn the leaves in early spring and summer. In late summer and fall, blades develop a flush of pink and light purple, giving it a rich, lush look. It has a compact habit (2’ tall) that fits in any garden. ‘Chameleon’ was discovered in Hantay, France by Thierry Delabroye as a chance seedling in a trial field planted with seeds of S. scoparium ‘The Blues’. This unique cultivar is available for the first time in the U.S. through our nursery. 

    Propagation prohibited without license.

    Quick Facts: warm season, green/white variegated foliage; 1.5’ height, 2’ with blooms; sun; dry; flowers early fall; Zones 3-9; species origin: North America 

    For more images, growing tips, and info, go to our online plant profile.

    Karl's Cousin® Big Bluestem

    The newest addition to our native grass lineup, this Big Bluestem cultivar has a tight, upright habit and lush foliage color. It stands tall and stays there. Blue-green foliage turn shades of purple-blue as the season progresses.

    Andropogon gerardii Karl's Cousin® ('Nondhwr')

    See our "Chat with the Breeder" session with Dave MacKenzie here 

    Described as the ‘Karl Foerster’ of Big Bluestem, this exciting native cultivar was selected in the wild by Dave MacKenzie of Hortech. He chose it for its tight, upright, architectural habit, and discovered its coloration was a beautiful bonus. Basal foliage starts out green-blue, with stems, leaves, and flowers turning shades of purple-blue as the season progresses. Its narrow, upright habit makes it easy to pair with other plants and fit into tight spaces. It carries all the resilience and versatility of the species. 

    Quick Facts: Warm season; green-blue foliage; 3.5’-4.5’ height, 6-7’ with blooms; sun-part sun; dry-average; flowers midsummer; zones 4-8; species origin: North America

    For more images, growing tips, and info, go to our online plant profile.

    We'll have a small crop available for July 2021, so reserve your plants now! Call 800-203-8590 or email our sales team.

    Everglow Sedge

    A striking new selection from the EverColor® series. This snazzy sedge offers a winning color combo. Crisp, green foliage sports creamy white margins in spring and summer. The edges develop an orange tint in fall and winter, for a warm, overall glow.

    Carex morrowii EverColor® 'Everglow' PP30466

    See our "Chat with the Breeder" session with Pat Fitzgerald here 

    Another fabulous EverColor® sedge from Irish plantsman, Pat FitzGerald. This series has produced award-winning best sellers, and this C. morrowii cultivar looks to continue that streak. A Gold Medal winner at Plantarium 2018, ‘Everglow’ offers a fantastic color combo. Crisp, green foliage sports creamy white margins in spring and summer. The edges develop an orange tint in fall and winter, which gives it a warm, overall glow. It arose from a self-crossing of C. morrowii ‘Fisher’s Form’ in 2015. The foliage resembles long-time favorite, C. morrowii ‘Ice Dance’ with a color bonus! It stays in a neat, upright, easily controlled mound and does not run like ‘Ice Dance’. 

    ‘Everglow’ is evergreen wherever it’s hardy and has an upright, attractive shape that is fantastic in containers and color plantings. It also makes a stylish ground cover in part-sun to shady conditions. The breeder lists it as hardy to −13° F (−25° C), which would be Zone 5b. Because we don’t split zones, we’ll keep it as Zone 6 for now. 

    Propagation prohibited without license. 

    Quick Facts: cool season; green-cream variegated foliage; 1.5’ height; sun-shade; moist; flowers late spring; zones 6-9; species origin: Japan

    For more images, growing tips, and info, go to our online plant profile.

    Purple Tears Switchgrass

    A standout Switchgrass selection from renowned plantsman and designer Piet Oudolf. It's a fantastic addition to the New Perennial Movement and Dutch Wave palettes.

    Panicum virgatum 'Purple Tears' PP28518 

    See our "Chat with the Breeder" session with Piet Oudolf here 

    Renowned plantsman and designer Piet Oudolf brings us a Switchgrass that’s destined to be a classic. He discovered this delightful selection of our native species in a nursery plot in Hummelo, Netherlands. Panicum virgatum ‘Purple Tears’ bears flowering spikes with soft gray color at the top, followed by splendid, purple seed heads. With a manageable height of 4’, its narrow, upright habit make it perfect for a range of landscape applications. It has the same toughness and adaptability you’ll find in other Switchgrass cultivars.

    Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’ is the most likely parent based on appearance and proximity in the growing area. But whereas ‘Shenandoah’ has dark green foliage that develops red-orange color, ‘Purple Tears’ offers a lighter green color that persists across the season. Its purple seed heads, gray-tipped flowering spikes, and graceful habit stood out for Oudolf in his garden.

    We are happy to be the first nursery in the U.S. to offer Panicum virgatum ‘Purple Tears’. Capture some of the magic Oudolf and his designs bring to landscapes with this exciting, new Switchgrass. 

    Licensed through Future Plants, asexual propagation without permission is prohibited.

    Quick Facts: warm season, green and gray foliage; 3’ height, 4’ with blooms; sun-part shade; dry; flowers late summer; Zones 4-10; species origin: North America 

    For more images, growing tips, and info, go to our online plant profile.


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