Cravo Equipment

The world leader in automated retractable roof greenhouses, tunnels and orchard covers.  
For over 30 years, Cravo has led the world in the design and supply of automated retractable roof greenhouses, tunnels and orchard covers helping farmers to optimize growing conditions while protecting hectares of crops in minutes from extreme heat, cold, wind, hail, snow and insects. Our specialization and experience has helped us to create a wide range of structures, roof coverings and drive systems to meet your crop requirements, weather conditions and budget. Our retractable roof houses are operational on 5 continents in hot, mild and cold climates and have withstood the extremes of hail, snow and wind including dust storms and nine hurricanes.

To help our customers maximize their profitability, we have developed the “The Retractable Roof Production System” (RRPS)™ which integrates your climate, crop, plant physiology and market conditions to create a production strategy that uses the retractable roofs to grow in ways not possible if your crops are growing outside without protection or are constantly protected inside a conventional greenhouse, tunnel or shadehouse structure. The implementation of the RRPS™ typically can result in a 50%-100% increase in profit per kg and 2-5 year return on investment and can be used on high value vegetables, berries, stone fruit, flowers, trees and shrubs . There are 36 strategies in the RRPS™ which help growers produce more crops per hectare, produce larger fruit with a longer shelf life, over a longer harvest season while using less water, electricity and virtually eliminating chemicals. The RRPS™ has proven to be effective in helping to grow crops sustainably particularly in warm and hot climates where conventional greenhouses and tunnels are typically not effective.

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