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Powerful Oxidizer • Neutral pH • Non Caustic • Safe Low Sodium • Non Toxic • Tasteless • Odorless.  
Oxcide® is a powerful water treatment for your entire water supply. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous chemical that is added to the main water supply on a proportional injection ratio. Conditioning the water by Oxcide® oxidizes the water and neutralizes the carbonates and bicarbonates and softens the water. Harmful deposits such as hard scale of Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, etc. are unable to form their crystalline structures or trap organic materials, and easily wash away leaving surfaces clean.

Oxcide® is a unique Electrochemically Activated (ECA) solution that is generated by the electrochemical energy conversion of brine, in to a highly active metastable solution. It is made up of complex ionic mixtures of oxy-chloro compounds: hypochlorous acid (HOCl); hypochlorite ion (ClO-); hypochlorite radical (ClO•); chlorine dioxide (ClO2); and peroxide compounds: hydroxyl radical (HO•); peroxide anion (HO2-); singlet oxygen 1O2; superoxydeanion O2-; ozone O3; and atomic oxygen (O•). It consists of 99.5% water, 0.046% (460 ppm) hypochlorous acid; and 0.004% (40 ppm) of oxy-chloro and peroxide ions. Its powerful oxidative properties at a neutral pH provides distinct reactions with water, and oxidizes harmful mineral and organic matter.

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