Newest and best plant-starter-material
At Fleurizon we specialize in importing the newest and best plant-starter-material we can find worldwide. It is not only our vast network, but it is also our communication and skills in the many languages that we speak with the "local" producers, that makes us successful. We "speak your language" is our motto, for both our customers and for our producers. In addition to our dedication to communication, we offer many years of horticultural (production and commercial) experience.

We are specialized in supplying starter material to growers and can ship normally in large quantities. We cannot and don't ship small quantities to the consumers, we leave that to our customers. We ship every weekend to and from many countries (continents if you wish), mainly into the USA and Europe. Are you looking for something your current supplier cannot get you? Ask us and contact Fleurizon, and there is a good chance we can find it for you 10,000 miles away while bringing you our very best service.

Address:     1602 Grace Ct. Camarillo, CA 93010
Email:    frank@fleurizon.com
Contact:   Frank de Greef
Phone:    805-389-8980   FAX:  805-823-2723


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