Pinelands Nursery, NJ

Leader in the field of environmental restoration
Pinelands Nursery was established in 1983 by Don and Suzanne Knezick. Originally, we marketed container grown blueberries, raspberries and grapes to garden centers in the Mid-Atlantic States. While that business proved to be very successful, our interest was really in the propagation of native species. With the adoption of federal and state environmental legislation, such as the Pinelands Protection Act, the Clean Water Act and most recently, NPDES Phase II stormwater regulations, we were able to completely shift the focus of Pinelands Nursery to the production of indigenous trees, shrubs and herbs.

Today, Pinelands Nursery is one of the largest native plant nurseries in the US, supplying millions of plants for environmental restorations throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. With seed collection in New Jersey, Virginia and New York, we are proud to be able to propagate plants that are genetically adapted to local conditions.

Address:     323 Island Rd. Pinelands, NJ 08022
Email:     Contact:   Chismar, Fran
Phone:    609-291-9486   FAX:  609-298-8939


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