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Lifetime Bench Systems
Lifetime Bench Systems by A-V International are constructed of fiberglass frames and plastic bench tops. A-V Bench Systems will not rust, twist, warp, or decay, and are UV protected. Single and multi-tier configurations are available for propagating, growing, display, and retail use. Alternately, the plastic bench tops can be purchased separately to install on existing frames of any type.


For over 20 years, A-V Lifetime Greenhouse Benches have been the choice of discerning garden centers, institutions, and growers. Produced at Agri of Virginia, Inc. in Broadway, VA, A-V Lifetime Greenhouse Benches provide outstanding value and easy day-to-day operation. A-V Lifetime Greenhouse Benches are available in several configurations, including stationary, rolling, and multi-tier display designs. Fiberglass frame and leg components will not rust, rot, twist, or warp, and provide very long life. Fiberglass is very strong and has a superior weight to strength factor allowing for easy movement and rearrangement of bench layouts.

The polypropylene bench tops come in two sizes, 18” x 36” and 24” x 48”, and are UV protected for long life. A-V Plastic Bench Tops include a unique built-in connector tab system that holds the bench tops together and provides a smooth, continuous surface for easy movement of trays and pots. A-V Plastic Bench Tops may be purchased separately for use on any type frame.

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