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Iodine as a Plant Nutrient
Monday, July 17 • 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

This presentation will discuss the role of iodine in plant development. Plants bind iodine in at least 82 proteins in leaves and roots. Iodine is needed for timely flowering, increased seed production, biomass accumulation and photosynthesis. Iodine can alleviate loss of production from abiotic and biotic stress. Test results have shown that the application of iodine with potassium nitrate show an improvement in root development and fresh weight of lettuce and coriander in hydroponics, and total season yield in round tomato and in Italian sweet pepper. Additionally, an increase in fruit fresh weight and in the concentrations of antioxidants and calcium in cherry tomato was revealed and prevention of blossom end rot in sweet pepper fruits was noticed. The scientific results and experiences of commercial growers indicate that iodine is just as needed for plants as it is for other living organism on earth.


    Doug Snyder, The Role of Iodine in Plant Nutrition at SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition N.A.  
    Doug Snyder is responsible for marketing and product development for SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition North America. Doug is a Certified Professional in Agronomy and has over thirty years experience in crop protection and plant nutrition products.

    SQM North America ... Solutions for Human Progress
    SQM is a global company engaged in strategic industries for human development, such as health, food, clean energy and the technology that moves the world. It is a global leader in each of its five business lines: Specialty Plant Nutrition (SPN); Iodine and Derivatives; Lithium and Derivatives; Potassium and Industrial Chemicals.

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