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Speaker: Dr. Karla Addesso, Associate Professor

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    Dr. Karla Addesso is an Associate Professor of Entomology at Tennessee State University's Nursery Research Center  in McMinnville, TN. Her work focuses on sustainable pest management in woody ornamental production. She has conducted research on numerous pests relevant to nursery and landscape, including ambrosia beetles, flatheaded borers, Japanese beetles, scales and mites. She is currently leading a nationwide project to develop improved flatheaded borer management tools with a team of university scientists working in nursery, landscape and orchard systems.

    Tennessee State Research Center ... Otis Floyd Nursery Research Center.  
    Dedicated to Improving Nursery Crop Production in Tennessee. Tennessee is home to a vibrant and growing nursery industry. Many of the trees and shrubs planted in the Eastern half of the United States originate from commercial nurseries located in Tennessee. The Tennessee State University Otis L. Floyd Nursery Research Center is located in the heart of Tennessee's nursery industry, about 80 miles southeast of Nashville in McMinnville, Tennessee.

    Our mission is to provide leadership in strengthening and expansion of our nursery industry through innovative research and extension programs in entomology, genetics, horticulture, pathology, chemical ecology, nursery extension and related sciences.

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