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Speaker: Tina Bemis, Co-owner at Bemis Farms Nursery

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    Tina Bemis, Co-owner at Bemis Farms Nursery  
    Tina Bemis graduated with a BS in Floriculture from Cornell University. She is co-owner, with her husband, of Bemis Farms Nursery and co-host of The Garden’s Calendar on WTAG radio. This charming garden center in Spencer, Massachusetts nestles inspiring displays of farm-grown plants among the shady pines and majestic oaks of a century farm. She is Head Greenhouse Grower of the annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs. And to ensure their customers get bitten by the gardening bug, she teaches or coordinates 500 workshops a year on container gardening and garden-related crafts, showing how fun and easy gardening can be when you add a shovel-full of knowledge.

    She has spoken at state and national industry conferences on Garden Center Workshops, Displays and Events, and teaches and consults with other owners on how to add workshops to their repertoire. She is author of the book Benchmarketing: 15 Ways to Make a Profit with Garden Center Workshops. She is Past President of the Massachusetts Flower Growers Association and the Northeast Greenhouse Conference. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and community theater.

    Bemis Farms Nursery -- Our goal is to be your plant place  
    Bemis Farms Nursery is a progressive family run garden center, farm, nursery, and greenhouse in Spencer Massachusetts. We welcome you to our website. Our goal is to be your plant place. Your source for plants, supplies, related products, and information. Whether you are a first time planter, or an experienced gardener, we are here for you. In today's world there is almost too much information available. A Google search will come up with 120,000 results to your plant question. Generally about 50,000 will say one thing. Another 50,000 will say the opposite. And the remaining 20,000 we're never really sure what they are saying. We want to help you cut through that information overload.

    Bemis Bunny on the road!
    My dad started Bemis Farms Nursery along with my grandfather in 1947. His idea was to develop long term relationships with customers so they could trust his advise. In 1947 that was a fairly common approach. And Tina and I still believe it is today. We are not trying to get the one time sale. We would rather see you become successful with plants. At times that may mean losing a sale. But in the process, we hope to gain a customer.

    Treat yourself to the relaxation that comes from a quiet stroll in our park like setting. Revel in the sights, sounds and fragrances.

    Address:   29 North Brookfield Rd Spencer MA 01562
    Phone:  508-885-4247   FAX:  508-885-4490