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Use of Drones, Part One: Introduction to Drone Usage and Drone Technology
Sunday, July 16 • 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM

In this first of three sessions, get a brief overview on the overall use of drones in the horticultural industry followed by a deeper dive into drone technology. You'll be apprised of drone rules and regulations, learn what licensing and certifications are needed for drone operations, and discover what types of drones are used in horticulture and agriculture operations. Attendees will learn how drones can benefit horticultural in agricultural operations. What is the future of drones in our industry? This session will explore the answer!

Use of Drones, Part Three: Drone Usage for Pest Control
Sunday, July 16 • 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM

In the third session in the drone series, attendees will learn how drones have been used for pest control. Specifically, the use of drones to: apply beneficial mites in horticultural crops, apply the bioinsecticide, Beauveria bassiana in herbaceous perennials, and apply low risk pesticides for caterpillar control in commercial nurseries. We will also share the results of two years of field trials where drones were used to apply systemic insecticides in outdoor greenhouse crops. All of the field research results discussed in this session were conducted in Maryland in working nurseries and greenhouses--so be prepared to get real-world examples!

Dealing with Major Armored and Soft Scales in Nurseries and Landscapes
Monday, July 17 • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Results of several years of trials in controlling Japanese maple scale, crape myrtle bark scale, Lecanium scales, and soft scale of evergreens will be covered along with life cycles and most susceptible stages for control. Newer systemic insecticides and low risk pesticides that can be effectively used in a control strategy.


    Stanton Gill -- Extension specialist in Entomology and IPM and Professor at University of Maryland Extension and Montgomery College  
    Stanton Gill is the Extension Specialist in Entomology and IPM and is stationed at the Central MD research and Education Center. Stanton Gill also serves as an Adjunct Professor with Montgomery College, Environmental Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture and as the IPM team lead. Stanton Gill conducts field trials for using biological and low risk pesticides in the commercial horticulture industry.

    University of Maryland Extension ... Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
    Founded in 1856, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is the Cornerstone of the University of Maryland. Learn about our rich history, our current initiatives, our talented students, and our passionate faculty and staff.

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