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Speaker: Stanton Gill, Entomology & IPM Extension Specialist

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    Stanton Gill:
    Entomology and IPM Extension Specialist with Univ of Maryland and Professor with Montgomery College at University of Maryland Extension and Montgomery College  

    Tenrued faculty of the University of Maryland and tenured adjunct faculty with Montgomery College Landscape Technology Program. Specialty in Integrated Pest Management of greenhouse, landscape, nursery, and cut flower operations. Conducts field trials to evaluate alternative pest control and low-risk pesticides for controlling nursery, landscape , cut flower and greenhouse pests. Also, Professor in the Landscape technology program at Montgomery College teaching pest management, Greenhouse management and Nursery management. Published books: Pests and Diseases of Herbaceous Perennials - Ball Publishing of Chicago, IL- 2007. Authors: Gill, Cloyd, Baker,Clement, and Dutky Greenhouse Pests and Beneficials - Ball Publishing of Chicago Illinois- 1998. Authros: Gill and Sanderson Plagas, Enfermedades de Los Cultivos de Flores - Hortitecnia, Bopgata, Columbia - 2001. Gill, Clement and Dutky Insects and Disease of Herbaceous Perenials - CD Book, Horticopia Company, Perceville, VA. 2002. Gill, Dutky and Clement.

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