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Speaker: Sam Andras, AIA, Executive Vice President of Professional Services

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    Sam Andras, AIA, Executive Vice President of Professional Services at urban-gro, Inc.
    Sam Andras, AIA | MJ12 Design Studio - Sam entered the cannabis market in 2013 and completed his first 1 million square foot project in 2017. Since 2019, Andras’ firm, MJ12 has been working throughout North America and internationally. To date, Sam has been involved in the design of over 100 cultivation projects and 50 dispensary facilities in 21 states and three countries, totaling over 8 million square feet.

    Turnkey Facility Solutions .... Fully-integrated Facility Design, Cultivation Systems Integration and Operational Support for Cannabis and Food-Focused Indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture  
    Your Guide to Efficient & Profitable Cultivation. urban-gro guides your team through a highly coordinated, efficient process of facility design, engineering, start up and managed services. We deliver and support efficient and profitable cultivation facilities. Achieve Your Cultivation Goals through Integrated Facility Design and Post-Occupancy Support -- rban-gro provides a prescriptive path of cultivation facility design, engineering, procurement, and equipment systems integration to achieve efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.

    Our Facility Design Improves Plant Performance
    You may not feel or experience temperature or humidity fluctuations, but your plants do. Properly sized equipment improves plant transpiration which, in turn, improves plant performance by up to 30%.

    Our team provides Controlled Environment Agriculture facility (CEA) design to meet the most stringent regulatory environments, whether they are energy efficiency goals (code required), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

    Address:   1751 Panorama Point, Unit G Lafayette, CO 80026
    Phone:  720-390-3880   FAX: