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Speaker: Paul Koole, Ornamentals Crop Specialist

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    Paul Koole, Ornamentals Crop specialist at Biobest USA Inc  
    Paul Koole joined the Biobest team in 2010 as a Biological Crop Protection Specialist for growers in Western USA and Canada. 30 years of co-managing Apko Nurseries Ltd in British Columbia provided him with the knowledge and experience he now uses to help growers. His extensive involvement in the industry allows him to support sustainable growing practices, using beneficial insects for pest management and bumble bees for pollination. In January of 2020 Paul became part of the North American Technical Team as the Ornamentals Crop specialist, to help build the ever-growing team of Biobest technical representatives in both Canada and the US. Paul lives in British Columbia with his wife and enjoys music and the outdoors.

    Biological control & bumblebee pollination. Biobest, we invented the buzziness!  
    Making the best of nature work for your business. Our solutions for natural crop care help growers achieve high yields of premium quality residue free produce. Our range of biocontrol products serves as the cornerstone of a successful integrated pest management strategy or helps you grow a successful organic crop. Our ever growing global presence, means we have local knowledge about your crop and growing conditions. Natural crop care works best with tailor-made advice. From Biobest, naturally.

    As a pioneer in the production of bumblebees since 1987, Biobest has become one of the world’s leading companies in natural pollination and biological control of pests and diseases. Known since many years for its bumblebees and wide range of beneficial insects, mites and nematodes, the company now offers a complete range of natural solutions including biopesticides, monitoring and scouting tools, pheromones -- With 14 group companies in 5 continents, distributors in more than 60 countries and over 650 employees worldwide, we stand prepared to provide growers with tailor-made advice. We focus on vegetables, ornamentals, soft-fruits and orchards. With the power of our natural solutions, a successful crop goes hand in hand with a healthy product and a clean environment.

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