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Speaker: Niki Irving, Flower Farmer and Florist

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    Niki Irving is the flower farmer and florist of Flourish Flower Farm, a specialty cut flower farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC. Niki grows over 300 varieties of cut flowers and foliage, creates seasonally-inspired designs for weddings, hosts flower farming and floral design workshops and classes on her farm. Niki is the author of the best-selling book Growing Flowers: Everything You Need to Know about Planting, Tending, Harvesting and Arranging Beautiful Blooms. She has successfully harnessed the power of social media to grow an impressive following of loyal customers.

    Flourish Flower Farm: Mountain fresh flowers -- Grown with love  
    A BOUTIQUE FLOWER FARM + FLORAL DESIGN STUDIO IN ASHEVILLE, NC .... Flourish Flower Farm is a boutique flower farm growing specialty cut + heirloom flowers using sustainable, natural practices in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Our flowers are truly mountain fresh! We create lush, seasonally-inspired floral designs in our artfully designed signature style that are perfect for any wedding, special event or celebration of life. Beauty is the language of caring and we believe deeply that flowers make the world a more beautiful and caring place for everyone. Our farm is a labor of love that we hope to share with you!

    Flourish Flower Farm is owned + loved by Niki & William Irving. We are dedicated to growing only specialty and heirloom varieties ~ producing high quality, organic, fragrant blooms is our priority. We are passionate about flowers and believe they make the world a more beautiful place! We love to share our love of flowers and the magic happening at the farm with others. Our 'On the Flower Farm' workshop series invites you to join us for an in-depth farm tour, catered food and floral design + flower arranging class. Its an experience not to be missed! We design flowers for people who love flowers. We take pride in growing unique, beautiful flowers and then creating exquisite designs just for you. Everything about your experience with our flowers and designs is incredibly personal + utterly natural.

    Niki loves creating lush, seasonally-inspired arrangements for weddings and special events with their gorgeous farm fresh flowers, and William is always behind the scenes helping to make it all run smoothly. Niki’s best-selling first book Growing Flowers: Everything You Need to Know About Planting, Tending, Harvesting and Arranging Beautiful Blooms was published in Spring 2021 (it’s available in our online shop and anywhere that books are sold). Flourish Flower Farm is truly our labor of love!

    Contact:   Niki & William Irving
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