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Speaker: Mark Javier, Owner

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    Mark Javier, Owner at Plants Without Borders  
    Mark comes from a family legacy of farmers in the Philippines. He was born in California and earned a degree in Economics from UC San Diego. His professional career started with customer-facing, revenue-generating roles in Silicon Valley startups.

    He has unique experience working at a cryptocurrency trading platform that enabled global, decentralized trade. This knowledge informs the direction of Plants Without Borders as they democratize global supply chains for the benefit of small businesses and small farmers alike.

    Select super-rare varieties can be purchased by verified collectors  
    Plants Without Borders helps Indigenous growers increase their income while helping family-owned American small businesses get access to much-needed supply. We make it easy to source high-end varieties from all over the world. All of our plants come straight from the supplier to your door, ethically-sourced and sustainably-grown. Plants Without Borders is a BIPOC family-owned Supply Cooperative registered in Nevada.

    About Us
    Our mission is to help small businesses lower costs and maximize sales. We are a wholesale supplier of bare-root cuttings and finished plants. Plants Without Borders is a family-owned and operated Supply Chain Cooperative registered in Nevada.

    We make it easy to source high-end varieties from all over the world.

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