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Speaker: John Thomas, Sales Coordinator

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    John Thomas, Sales Coordinator MPS - North America at MPS  
    In today’s business climate, companies who make data-driven decisions and apply sound business processes will thrive. John is passionate about helping companies become more data-driven and setting up metrics to achieve productivity goals. MPS takes that even further and says that the resulting reduction in use of resources offer measurable benefits and makes us better stewards of the land.

    John comes to MPS from the cut flower industry. He grew up between the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, where his mother had a flower shop. After finishing college in the Netherlands, he was anxious to come back to the United States to make his mark. He spent over 30 years in all facets of floral production and sales. During that time, he also managed a flower farm in Central Mexico for 6 years, where he met his wife. He speaks four languages fluently, including Spanish. He currently lives near Santa Barbara, California with his wife and two sons.

    MPS Group ... Working Together on a Sustainable Future!  
    The MPS Group facilitates horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide in their ambition to become more sustainable. At MPS they find a total package to make quality and sustainability transparent, to measure and to prove. MPS develops innovative/online tools and certification schemes.

    MPS-ECAS carries out independent audits and awards certificates relevant to horticulture to all links within the chain. By proactively sharing our sector knowledge, stimulating entrepreneurs and connecting parties, we accelerate the sustainability thinking and acting of entrepreneurs. In doing so, we actively contribute to making the horticultural sector more sustainable worldwide.

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