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Speaker: John Evans, Partner

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    John Evans, Partner at Hoerr Schaudt  
    As a partner with Hoerr Schaudt overseeing quality control, John directs pre-construction efforts, including project critical path analysis, negotiation of owner pre-purchase agreements, and construction contracts. He also leads construction observation, ensuring quality and accuracy in implementing the firm’s designs. He coordinates with design project managers early on in the design process, giving input on pricing, materials, planting selections, and other aspects. Throughout his career, John has cultivated an extensive network of plant production nurseries throughout the country and directs sourcing and procurement of specimen and commodity plant material for select projects on a national level. John brings over 20 years of experience in landscape construction, site development, and horticulture. He received his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Purdue University and gained significant landscape construction experience at the region’s top design/build firms before joining Hoerr Schaudt in 2002.

    Hoerr Schaudt ... We create gardens that delight  
    Promoting the transformative power of horticulture --- At Hoerr Schaudt, we design beautiful, purposeful gardens that connect people, site, and season. Gardens elicit joy, soothe our souls, and become places where we interact with each other and the world around us. Drawing upon centuries of time-honored tradition, our work layers botanical silhouettes to shape space and create settings that artfully blend the natural and built environments be it a residence, streetscape, campus, city park, or botanical garden. Based in Chicago, with offices in Kansas City and Los Angeles, Hoerr Schaudt continues its 30-year mission to create gardens that thrive and delight.

    Two Perspectives in Balance
    The identity that grounds Hoerr Schaudt arose from divergent backgrounds and perspectives. Doug Hoerr and Peter Schaudt founded the studio in Chicago in 2008 after merging their two independent practices. Though people wondered how these extraordinary but different designers could collaborate harmoniously, the two balanced one another, Peter giving Doug an understanding of large-scale public design, while Doug taught Peter how to approach a project from the lens of intimacy, sensory appeal, and intuition. The context and style of the firm’s portfolio varies widely, but currents of Doug’s Midwestern roots, Peter’s modernist approach, and the studio’s vibrant talent run through all our work.

    Doug Hoerr .... A pioneering designer from the “ground up,” Doug intuitively envisions landscapes complete with texture, form, and color. His early experience in the design-build industry has given him skills in construction, project management, and business, while his time spent working under eminent British plantsmen and designers instilled within in him centuries of time-honored horticultural traditions. A brilliant landscape architect who uses plants as his creative medium, Doug continues to imbue public and private projects with an energy, quality, and artistry that is unparalleled in today’s industry.

    Address:   850 West Jackson Blvd Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60607
    Phone:  312.492.6501   FAX: 


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