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    Jeff Gabric, President/Owner at Hemp Wise Services  
    Jeff will provide hands on cloning demonstrations (licensing dependent) and explain the process for starting seeds and cloning. Gabric is part of the Ohio Hemp Farmers Cooperative, and that makes him one of its 50 or so founding members, says Julie Doran, the organization’s creator.

    Helping Ohio Hemp Growers Succeed -- Specializing in outside production  
    Nutritional Programs -- Everything starts with water. Water quality varies across the state and before we can develop a full nutritional program have to have a handle on your water quality. We test your water and based on those findings develop a nutritional program specific for your farm. When growing Hemp, one of the most important things is to have the right nutrition to you hemp plants at the right time. Plant needs vary throughout the season. We dial in programs based on soil, leaf and water samples. This allows you to feed the plants the right food at the right time.

    Providing Fertilizers and Biological Control Products and Programs
    One of the most difficult issues in growing hemp is finding the right products. We carry a line up of specialty products and have access to all the products you need to be successful.

    Hemp Propagation Workshop -- This workshop will focus on growing hemp from seed and cloning. Bio Control Options, Growing, Lighting, and Fertilization will be the focus.

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