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Speaker: Jean Steel, Motivational Speaker

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    Jean Steel, Motivational Speaker at Happy People Win  
    Jean moved overseas at an early age as her family followed their father’s passions, spending much of their childhood in Africa and Asia. This experience taught Jean to appreciate the little things in life that we most often take for granted. Jean followed her passion and subsequently received her Master’s degree in Wellness/Mind/Body Health. It is her education and life experiences that have brought light to her understanding of the integration of balance and harmony of an individual's mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual self, resulting in a positive state of well-being – Happiness and Resilience. And these are the topics she has chosen to base her work around as a speaker and author.

    Jean has served on the faculty of Santa Barbara City College, Cal State Sacramento, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She has authored two book - I’d Like to Run Wild!, a Wellness Action Guide and Need Change? Customer Service Tips to Grow from Good to Great!. Jean has a vast and loyal client portfolio, such as the American Heart Association, California Hospital Association, E&J Gallo Winery, Arizona Association of Counties, Georgia Institute on Aging, U.S. Women in Nuclear, International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), Central California Women’s Conference, the YMCA, and countless other organizations. And years later, Jean still pays visits to Africa and Asia as often as possible while also giving back much of her time and profits to several local and global charities.

    Happy People Win ... Keeping You & Your Workplace Well  
    Happiness – it’s a very simple topic, yet one that we tend to struggle with the most in our adulthood, and Jean Steel has devoted her life’s work as a speaker and author to help people not only find their happiness but thrive in it. Her experience growing up overseas with her family in Africa and Asia, as well as her extensive education in mind-body health and wellness have led a life full of gratitude, vast perspective, and joy that she so thoughtfully and humorously shares with the world through motivational keynotes and books. Her timeless messages and universal appeal are unforgettable and just what you need to find you happy!

    Every person deserves to be HAPPY at home and work
    When my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at UC Davis, we were devastated. My entire family (mom and four siblings) was up there for the four days of testing and when we heard the results, sat in the room and cried. Then the staff told us, we would be OK. Because while they were testing my dad, they were watching us. “You all laugh a lot, love each other a lot and are happy. You will survive.” It wasn’t easy, in fact we cried and hated the disease often on a daily basis. But we laughed more. And loved more. And became even closer. It was a conscious choice. Sometimes a difficult one. But we made it through. I choose a positive attitude. I also LOVE my job. And think you can too. I am grateful, and think you can be too.

    If you’ve had the privilege of communicating with Jean’s right-hand woman, side-kick, and assistant/best friend, Jenny Molinar, during the last seven years, you know just how great she is! And while Jenny is still very much a part of Jean’s life (and will), the time has come for Jenny to move on from Happy People Win to apply more focus toward her own business in geriatric care and guidance, Guided Aging, which she has so graciously managed throughout her time by Jean’s side. The team wishes her all the success and continued happiness in her venture!

    Address:   P.O. Box 549 Nipomo, CA 93444
    Phone:  805.931.0932   FAX: 


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