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Nutrition: Using Substrate Chemistry to Your Advantage
Tuesday, July 18 • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

You won't fall asleep in this chemistry class! Yes, many of us hated chemistry in school, but in this session we will take those “boring” principles of chemistry to practice. During this session, you will master the basics (from Alkalinity to Zinc) of substrate chemistry to impact the success of your crops.

Back2Basics: Plant growth management – When you don’t want to use chemical control
Tuesday, July 18 • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Managing plant growth is always necessary. Although Plant Growth Regulators or Retardants (PGRs) are great and often efficient methods, they are not our only tools in our toolbox for managing growth. In many cases we can use non-chemical methods to augment or replace PGRs. Cultural, environmental and mechanical means of growth management will be discussed. This is a companion session to the ‘PGR Topic – Chemical Route (What to do/What not to do’ and by attending this session you will know what to do and not to do to round out your plant growth management toolbox.


    Dr. Brian Krug, Technical Lead at Syngenta Flowers LLC  
    Brian A. Krug received his M.S and Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in Horticultural Science focused on plant growth regulators and plant nutrition. He has 20+ years of domestic and international experience in the greenhouse industry. Brian spent seven years working as a State Extension Specialist and Associate Professor at the University of New Hampshire, running award-winning research and extension programs. While at the University of New Hampshire, he developed extensive resources for growers and conducted research in the areas of plant nutrition, physiology, plant growth regulators and greenhouse energy efficiency. Brian was the head grower at a large scale research greenhouse facility for 7 years after leaving academia; he led a team which was responsible for plant health and growth. This included environmental conditions, pest control, plant fertility, growing substrates, and irrigation. In 2022 he joined Syngenta Flowers as a member of the Technical Team.

    Syngenta Flowers -- Special packaging to guarantee cuttings arrive in the best possible condition
    Syngenta Flowers North America is one of the largest wholesale breeders of hybrid flower seed and cuttings in the world – developing and producing flower seeds and cuttings for growers internationally. Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to the breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in the professional greenhouse, at retail, in the landscape and in the home garden. In addition to legendary genetics, we support industry professionals with world-class customer service, in-depth cultural information, flexible and exciting marketing programs, and a deep understanding of plants from many points of view. Syngenta Flowers has garnered more than 35 international awards for introducing hybrid annuals to the world, including such garden mainstays as Calliope® Interspecific Geraniums, Titan™ Poinsettias, Diabunda™ Dianthus, Endurio™ Violas, Sparkler™ Cleome, and Magellan™ Zinnias.

    At Syngenta Flowers, we are committed to bringing plant potential to life. We are obsessed with product quality, providing the best technical expertise, and trendsetting with impactful marketing programs. Syngenta Flowers creates beauty and excitement while offering innovations that drive a passionate industry of doers. This year, we are excited to showcase two new Spectra™ varieties at MANTS: Orange Improved, and Pink Bicolor. Spectra™ has abundant large flowers, excellent branching, and is versatile in either sun or shade.

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