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Speaker: Ronald Valentin, Director of Technical Business

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    Ronald Valentin, Director of Technical Business at Anatis BioProtection  
    Ronald Valentin was born in the heart of the greenhouse industry in the Netherlands. His family owned a greenhouse operation and his father started using biological control in 1971. At a very young age Ronald developed an interest for the “bugs” and as a teenager he was managing and producing the biological control agents for the family greenhouse operation. After finishing his education in crop protection management, biochemistry and vegetable production at State Secondary College of Agriculture in De Lier the Netherland, he embarked on a career in biological control in 1986. After working in biological control technical support in the Netherlands and several other European countries, he came to Canada for his first visit in 1996. After traveling to Canada once every 6 to 7 weeks in 1996 and 1997 he immigrated to Canada in December 1997. In March 2004 he became a Canadian Citizen. Over the years Ronald has worked with many growers to set up sustainable and effective pest management programs with as a focus to use BCA’s as a first line of defense. He also has trained and managed technical support teams in Europe, Canada and the USA. Ronald is currently Director of Technical Business at Anatis BioProtection. Ronald is very passionate about making an IPM and biological control approach work for each and every grower as well as reducing the use of pesticides for the better of the environment and the future.

    A brand new Biopesticide  
    Anatis Bioprotection produces, sells and distributes insects, mites, beneficial nematodes and biopesticides. Ecological and effective solutions to control insects and mites pests of horticultural, greenhouse and agricultural crops (small and large crops).

    New ! Our new biopesticide Bioceres EC is now available
    Anatis Bioprotection is a producer and distributor of beneficial insects and predatory mites as biocontrol agents. We are also the manufacturer of the BIOCERES bio-insecticide. These products are used to control the main insects and mites pests in agricultural, horticultural and green houses crops as well as in residential/industrial/commercial applications.

    Bioceres EC s a certified emulsifying bioinsecticid based on the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana, certified organic in Canada! Product available for indoor commercially productions only.

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