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Speaker: Corrina Murray, Director of Marketing

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    Corrina Murray, Director of Marketing at Plant Development Services, Inc.  
    Corrina has worked closely with Plant Development Services for 17 years, leading a design/marketing team in the development of marketing and retail support for PDSI’s brands. She contributes key experience gained in a decade of work in the marketing, design and publishing industries. In her spare time, she makes pottery and raises two kids and a steadily increasing collection of plants in her self-proclaimed “novice trial garden”.

    Plant Development Services ... Encore® Azalea.  
    Plant Development Services, Inc. introduces plants that solve landscape challenges and have a high impact on the marketplace. Working closely with the nation’s top growers and breeders, Plant Development Services brings plants to market that have highly marketable and recognizable trait improvements, providing the resources and services necessary to ensure these new plant introductions are a success in the marketplace. Each plant is the result of evaluations, trials and research.

    With a comprehensive grower network, Plant Development Services is able to manage distribution to all regions and market channels. Plant Development Services brands include: Encore® Azalea, the world's best-selling reblooming azalea, and the Southern Living® Plant Collection, the most recognized name in the gardening lifestyle industry in the South, and the Sunset Western Garden Collection®, the first live plant collection to focus exclusively on top performing plants for the Western gardener.

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