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Speaker: Cody Caporaso, Cannabis and Hemp Specialist

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    Cody Caporaso, Cannabis and Hemp Specialist at JR Peters, Inc.  
    Cody Caporaso, better known in the green industry as “Wild Bill Cody”, is the Cannabis and Hemp Specialist at JR Peters Inc. Over the past 12 years Cody has diligently researched best Cannabis growing practices to better understand the science behind the grow. His career in horticulture kicked off in 2017, when he was accepted into the Professional Horticulture Program at Longwood Gardens. While studying at Longwood, Cody attended college level classes related to plant sciences and worked alongside professional growers to obtain hands on experience within the field. Upon graduation Cody was hired by JR Peters as the Cannabis and Hemp Specialist. Cody loves working with Cannabis and Hemp growers, helping them achieve “fat cola” status with every grow. He is well practiced in interpreting source water analysis, media analysis, and tissue analysis – testing that is performed onsite at the JR Peters Laboratory.

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