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Speaker: C.L. Fornari, Writer - Speaker, Radio Host - Consultant

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    My Educational Programs / Sessions @ Cultivate

    Improving Profitability with Free Marketing Programs
    Saturday, July 15 • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    In this session, a panel of experienced growers, brokers, and retailers will explain how they have used the free marketing programs that the non-profit organizations All-America Selections and National Garden Bureau create for the industry. They will give a better understanding of the AAS trials and resulting winners and NGB's Year of program for annuals, perennials, edibles, shrubs, houseplants, and bulb crops. Then, our successful professionals will explain how they have, are, and will use the free programs provided by these organizations. Join us for this exciting idea toss-out and case-study of how anyone can sell more product by using these programs.


    C.L. Fornari -- Writer, Speaker, Radio Host, Consultant at The Garden Lady  
    C.L. Fornari is a garden communicator dedicated to keeping the public excited about plants and gardens. She’s the author of eight books, and writes a monthly column for GardenCenter Magazine. For the past 20 years C.L. has hosted GardenLine, a live, call-in radio program heard on WXTK.

    C.L. is a frequent speaker to groups nationwide, presenting to horticultural groups and non-gardening audiences. She has worked for Hyannis Country Garden, a family-owned IGC, for 28 years, where she writes their blog, leads educational programs, and consults with customers. Her not-so-secret mission is keeping horticulture in popular culture…in the meantime her favorite thing is to walk into her vegetable garden and ask, “What’s for dinner?” C.L. lives and gardens at Poison Ivy Acres on Cape Cod.

    The Garden Lady ... Cultivating Beauty, Flavor, and Fragrance  
    C.L. Fornari shares her excitement about plants and gardening. Here it's all gardens and plants, none of my personal stuff. The Garden Lady is an author, speaker, and radio host. She's also co-host of Plantrama, a podcast about plants, and a plant geek at Hyannis Country Garden on Cape Cod.

    The Garden Lady: How to Maintain Perennials

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