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Speaker: Brian Kunkel, Ornamental IPM Extension Specialist

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    Brian Kunkel, Ornamental IPM Extension Specialist at University of Delaware  
    I began my career pursuing a bachelor of science degree in general biology at Northern Kentucky University and graduated in 1994. Shortly after graduating, I started my entomology master's program at the University of Kentucky with Dr. Dan Potter working on non-target effects of bendiocarb, halofenozide, and imidacloprid on turf inhabiting insects. I completed the degree in 1998 and began my dissertation work at The Ohio State University with Parwinder Grewal at the OARDC in Wooster, Ohio. I worked on multi-trophic interactions between entomopathogenic nematodes, endophytic perennial ryegrass, and the black cutworm. I graduated in 2003 and worked briefly with TruGreen ChemLawn before beginning my post-doctoral work with the USDA-ARS in Byron, Georgia in 2004. I continued working with entomopathogenic nematodes and biological control in Georgia, but focused on pecan and peach orchards. I began my current position in 2006 at the University of Delaware where I have worked on various projects studying armored and soft scale species, redheaded flea beetles, whiteflies, mealybugs, brown marmorated stink bugs, thrips, and other various ornamental pests.

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