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Speaker: Barbara LaFerney, Business Development

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    Barbara LaFerney, Business Development & Client Success at BOSS  
    Barb LaFerney, executive consultant with BOSS, brings more than 30 years of green industry experience including roles in sales, marketing, management and ownership in landscape design, horticultural maintenance, retail and wholesale operations. In her current role, LaFerney works with BOSS clients to make their software implementations less stressful and easier for employees. Her wealth of experience allows her to share the good, the bad and the ugly of choosing and implementing business operations software. Her enthusiastic and creative approach to problem solving, allow her to identify and address client needs for maximum ROI.

    A graduate of University of Missouri-Columbia with a B. S. in Horticulture, LaFerney’s landscape design build firm, The Garden Gate, served high-end residential clients in the St. Louis metro area. The company was recognized for its high touch personal service.A frequent speaker at industry education and training events, LaFerney has also served as president of the Gateway Professional Horticulturist Association.

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