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Speaker: Arthij van der Veer, Area Manager North & South America and Africa

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    Arthij van der Veer, Area Manager North & South America and Africa at MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) Arthij van der Veer has been working in the green industry for the last 20 years after graduating on Business Management from the Haagse Hogeschool. Before he moved into his current role as Area Manager at MPS he has been active as international auditor for product & system certification and as certification manager for RHP. From 2008 to 2020 he was stationed as General International Coordinator responsible for North & Latin America. In this period he drove and expanded MPS market share in these regions. Since 2020 Arthij is active as Area Manager for North & South America and Africa. Together with the local team we cooperate with growers to achieve improvements on the area of sustainability and help growers to make these efforts more transparent.

    MPS Group ... Working Together on a Sustainable Future!  
    The MPS Group facilitates horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide in their ambition to become more sustainable. At MPS they find a total package to make quality and sustainability transparent, to measure and to prove. MPS develops innovative/online tools and certification schemes.

    MPS-ECAS carries out independent audits and awards certificates relevant to horticulture to all links within the chain. By proactively sharing our sector knowledge, stimulating entrepreneurs and connecting parties, we accelerate the sustainability thinking and acting of entrepreneurs. In doing so, we actively contribute to making the horticultural sector more sustainable worldwide.

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