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Speaker: Beth Lorentz, Director of Marketing & Product

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    My Educational Programs / Sessions @ Cultivate

    Holiday Porch Pots: How to Be More Creative, Productive & Profitable
    Monday, July 17 • 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

    Learn how to make, sell and promote holiday porch pots for success. Session will cover the business benefits, demonstration how to build holiday porch pots, ideas for merchandising, selling and promoting porch pots, referrals for where to source component porch pot live greens and decorations, and porch pot design inspirations.


    Beth Lorentz, Director of Marketing & Product at Glenhaven Home & Holiday  
    Beth is passionate about building great product lines customer rave about and telling great stories. At Glenhaven she keeps her eyes on market and product design trends, works with customers to select new items, and helps shape and implement the marketing plans. As a former VP of Product Development & Marketing at Midwest-CBK, she brings more than 35 years of industry experience to Glenhaven.

    Glenhaven Home & Holiday
    ... Dedicated to the Independent Garden Center & Independent Specialty Retailer.  

    Glenhaven Home & Holiday is a direct import company committed to serving the independent garden center. We enable the independent garden center buyer to purchase directly from the leading overseas manufacturers so that you can achieve a significantly higher markup on your retail selling price. We offer the newest and latest designs of holiday, garden décor, and functional garden products at the lowest possible prices on a direct import basis. Take advantage of this exclusive buying opportunity!

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