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Speaker: Dr. Jozsef Racsko, Technology Manager

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    Dr. Jozsef Racsko 

    Technology Manager at Mycorrhizal Applications 

    A biorational industry veteran, Dr. Racsko has conducted extensive research on the topics of beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and Trichoderma, and the benefits that they can provide plant producers.

    Mycorrhizal Applications ... Accelerate Plant Growth  
    As the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mycorrhizal inoculant products and ingredients, Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) researches, produces, and markets mycorrhizal fungi which accelerate plant vigor by greatly increasing the surface absorbing area of roots, producing a healthier root system. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots to create a symbiotic root-and-mycelial network within the surrounding soils, increasing efficiency in nutrient and water absorption to optimize plant performance. MA’s MycoApply® line of mycorrhizal inoculants is utilized by landscapers, farmers, forest nurseries, restoration & erosion control specialists, greenhouses, nurseries, soil media manufacturers, and professional horticulturalists to maximize plant success and improve return on investment.

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    VBC Plant Growth Regulators

    Developed and produced by PGR industry leader Valent BioSciences, ProGibb® LV Plus T&O is a powerful Gibberellin PGR for Turf and Ornamental Applications, and CytoFlor™ is a powerful 6-benzyladenine cytokinin PGR for use in Ornamental Horticulture. 

    Alongside Mycorrhizal Applications’ best-in-class suite of MycoApply® proprietary mycorrhizal inoculants, Actinovate® biofungicides, and the MGK® botanical insecticides, MA has also added Valent BioSciences' ProGibb®  LV Plus T&O (recently updated to next-generation patented formulation) and CytoFlor™ PGRs to their biorational offerings. ProGibb® LV Plus T&O is a powerful Gibberellin PGR for Turf and Ornamental Applications, offering a plethora of advantages such as increased overall plant growth, stem elongation, and induction of flowering and fruiting. CytoFlor™ is a powerful Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) that greenhouse and nursery growers can benefit from having in their toolbox. CytoFlor™ contains 6-benzyladenine (6-BA) as its active ingredient. 6-BA is a potent plant growth regulator belonging to the group of growth regulators known as cytokinins.

    Detailed information about these new PGR offerings from Mycorrhizal Applications is available on the company’s website:

    ProGibb® LV Plus T&O



    Actinovate® biological fungicides suppress and control root rot, damping-off fungi, and foliar fungal pathogens. Available in Retail (Actinovate® Lawn & Garden) or Professional (Actinovate® SP) formulations, the active ingredient is a patented bacterium that grows around the root system (when soil-drenched) and foliage of the plant (when sprayed on) while using several novel modes of anti-fungal action to protect plants and lawns. In addition, when applied to the soil, Actinovate Biofungicides break down minerals and micronutrients, making them more available to plants, resulting in increased size and vitality. Plants and turf treated with Actinovate as a soil drench will become hardier, more vigorous, and will have a robust and protected root system.

    More information available at the Mycorrhizal Applications website:

    Actinovate® SP

    Actinovate® Lawn & Garden  

    MGK® Botanical Insecticides

    Since its foundation in 1902, MGK is the worldwide leader in the research, development, production, and commercialization of best-in-class plant-derived botanical insecticide products. MA distributes MGK for the T&O industries.

    Mycorrhizal Applications is the master distributor of MGK's Botanical range of Insecticides for Horticulture and Gardening use.  For professional/commercial use, MA offers PyGanic® Specialty (OMRI Listed), Azera® Pro (OMRI Listed), and EverGreen® Pro 60-6 botanical insecticides. MA also distributes the MGK retail botanical insecticides PyGanic® Gardening and Azera® Gardening, both of which are OMRI Listed for organic use and utilize natural pyrethrum derived from organically-produced chrysanthemums.

    Detailed information about these offerings from Mycorrhizal Applications is available on the company’s website: 

    PyGanic® Specialty

    PyGanic® Gardening

    Azera® Pro

    Azera® Gardening

    EverGreen® Pro 60-6

    Mycorrhizal ApplicationsMycoApply® product line is the industry's leading portfolio of professional mycorrhizal inoculant products. These mycorrhizal inoculants contain beneficial symbiotic fungi that colonize plant roots, act as an extension of the root system, and improve plants' nutrient efficiency, water uptake and storage, and overall root mass, which lead to enhanced transplant success and ultimately increased flowering, fruiting, and yields. Offering multiple modes of application, the highest mycorrhizal species diversity, and unsurpassed product support and R&D, MycoApply® is the industry standard.

    MycoApply® Endo

    MycoApply® Endo/Ecto

    MycoApply® Ultrafine Endo

    MycoApply® Ultrafine Endo/Ecto

    MycoApply® Soluble MAXX

    MycoApply® Injector Endo

    MycoApply® Injector Endo Organic

    MycoApply® Injector Ecto