PopUp Garden

Grow Your Own Garden Anywhere!  
PopUp Garden allows you to grow a garden of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a small space. All you need is a PopUp Garden, some soil and seedlings, and just add water! PopUp Garden Essential and Deluxe versions make gardening easy in small spaces, producing maximum yield with upward and downward growth from the same planter pot. The Deluxe version comes with four side trays, which allow for growth around the interlocking sections; simply making more room for herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Easy gardening! Perfect for young families with limited time and space, urban dwellers in confined spaces with concrete yards, seniors who have downsized to townhomes or assisted living, military families living on base, and even elderly in nursing homes.

PopUp Garden has humble beginnings set in a Louisiana garage of a suburban family of six. In the mess of a weekend cleanup, the vertical solution to maximize garden yield for city dwellers and small space gardeners was born when the inventor saw the possibility from a simple bucket sitting in a roll of chicken wire. When the surprise discovery was shared with a friend, the brainstorming quickly elevated, and a handcrafted version of the vision was built. Soil was added and seedlings were planted to see if flowering plants, herbs and vegetables would grow as envisioned. When it worked, friends and family lined up to get their own and try it out. The circle grew from a small circle of influence to test markets at local craft shows and farmers’ markets. It became immediately apparent that the idea was a hit, and before long the demand outweighed the supply. It was easy to make the decision to share the idea with the world and move the product into mass production. It needed to be easy to use, compact and transportable, eco-friendly and self-sustainable! It needed to be recreational! PopUp Garden revolutionized gardening for those who long for a taste of the country but live in the concrete jungle. Now, you can craft your PopUp to fit your space! Whether you are living in an apartment with space constraints or even the downsized lifestyle of a townhome. All that's left to do is get your PopUp and start growing!

It's a plantdemic! Produce a fabulous, fluffy foodscaping garden even in the smallest of spaces. Grow Up, Down & All Around!

Address:   257 Agurs Shreveport, LA 71107
Email:  info@mypopupgarden.com
Phone:  (833) 697-6787   FAX: 


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