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Speaker: Tom Buechel, Chief Compliance Officer

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    Tom Buechel

    Chief Compliance Officer at Plant Sentry 

    Tom Buechel, a horticulture graduate with an emphasis in business and industry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is dedicated to improving the green industry. He has spent more than twenty-five years learning, planning, certifying, and executing advanced growing practices. His development of unique systems and utilization of exemplary teamwork prompts a green Earth. Buechel’s passion, purpose, and commitment aim to enable green industry operations and their teams to adapt to a changing marketplace, advance sustainable growing practices, and provide the landscape and consumer with healthy, quality plants. He currently provides industry consulting and team coaching through Buechel Horticulture Solutions, LLC and serves as Compliance Officer for Nature Hills Nursery/Plant Sentry™. 

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    Address:   2336 S 156th Circle Omaha, NE 68130
    Email:     Contact:   Tom Buechel
    Phone:  (866) 335-0956   FAX: