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GrowTech -- ARS @ Cultivate by AmericanHort

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    ARS Pruning Tools
    Best Blades in the Business! Professional ARS and GT brand pruning and horticultural tools are ergonomically designed to be lightweight and super sharp with amazing long lasting sharpness. Perfectly balanced for all day use, these tools make any pruning job easier and more enjoyable. Hand pruners, hedge shears, saws and saw blades, pole saws, long reach pruners, loppers, flower knives, scissors, accessories.

    Address: 7106 Crossroads Blvd. Suite 216 Brentwood, TN 37027
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    Phone:    615-376-6370   FAX:  615-376-6371


    Why buy ARS tools?

    Since 1876, ARS Corporation has been defining the state of the art for pruning tools. The tools are sharp, engineered to hold their edge longer, lightweight, well-balanced, and durable. ARS tools are designed for continued professional use with minimal maintenance required, allowing you to spend your time focused on the task at hand rather than on your tools.

    Best Blades in the Business

    What's the secret for why ARS blades last longer than the competition? It's simple. No one is better at hardening steel for pruning tools than ARS. This allows them to use bevel angles that other manufacturers cannot match. This means the blades start sharper. Their expertise in hardening steel means blades hold their edge longer than the competition. This means ARS blades stay sharper longer.

    ARS tools are designed to be ergonomic, perfectly balanced, and super lightweight for continued professional use. The tools are extensively tested to produce just the right length, weight, and range of motion. Combined with sharper blades, the tools are actually easier to use. Centerbolts are specially hardened to prevent spreading. Springs are high quality for heavy use and anchored to prevent loss in the field.