Superior Irrigation Protection. Built To Last – Always On Guard

    An irrigation system is your business bloodline. If it clogs, water flow is interrupted, crop health decreases and business performance suffers. We’ve developed Sandstorm – a robust media filter that keeps your water and business flowing smoothly.


    • Single chamber filter allows for efficient filtration and backflush uniformity.
    • Large top and side access ports make loading media and conducting maintenance easier.
    • Two-layer coating (phenolic and epoxy) for industry-leading high corrosion and UV protection – for both the tanks and the manifolds.
    • Injection molded PVC underdrain system with mushrooms and slots provides cleaning across the entire sand media bed.
    • Modular manifolds for simple and flexible assembly and expansion.
    • Wide range of tank diameters and configurations to address all application needs.
    • Maximum protection and reliability in harsh conditions.


    • Primary filter for water from open reservoirs and recycled water
    • Filtration of water containing algae and other organic materials

    Drip/micro irrigation products
    Industry leader in drip/micro irrigation products for greenhouse, nursery and landscape applications. We offer a full line of products from dripperlines, sprinklers, filters, valves, air vents and system components.

    Netafim was founded in 1965 by farmers and Agronomists on the idea that drip irrigation is a solution to one of the world's most urgent problems: lack of quality water for food production. That idea is still at the heart of all Netafim products, which are designed to promote water conservation.

    Today Netafim is among the largest irrigation companies in the world, with factories and offices in over 120 countries. Netafim USA, a division of the Netafim International Group, is headquartered in Fresno, California. Netafim USA offers a full-line of products for a variety of markets including Agriculture, Landscape & Turf, Greenhouse & Nursery, Mining and Wastewater. Our products are sold through Dealers and Distributors in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.


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