LED Smart (Grow3)

LED Lighting Systems with Control Capabilities, Mesh Networking, AI, IoT and Robotic Technology  
LED Smart Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of Horticultural Lighting for Greenhouse/Toplighting, Vertical Farming, CEA and Indoor Lighting. At LED Smart Inc., our goal is to allow you to generate new profits by controlling your lighting completely. We bring new technology and efficiency to optimize your growing plans. Thanks to our in-house team skills in agronomy, mechanical , structural and electronic engineering our lighting systems are well thought out, designed and improved by us in our R&D department in Surrey, BC.

Sunlight PRO .... We built the PRO version because plants "see" more light than people do. The sun provides a broader range of light to the earth than is visible to humans. The Sunlight PRO provides the maximum amount of light for healthy plant growth. The light spectrum that most plants utilize has the range from UVA (380nm) to Far-Red (780nm).

GROW3 Sunlight ... Designed for the grower to mimic the full visible spectrum with the least amount of programming effort, our Grow3 Sunlight model is the simplest option.

Address:   18905 32nd Ave Surrey, BC V3Z 1A7
Email:  sales@ledsmart.com
Phone:  800-457-0416   FAX:  780-438-6624


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