Koidra Inc

Modernizing Industries with AIoT  
Let our digital decisions engine automate and continuously improve your routine, repeatable control decisions in real-time. Our products help grow and scale your digital workforce, boost your business efficiency, and automate your operational decision making. We combine years of world-leading machine learning research, of industrial automation, and of manufacturing management to make the products that break through previous barriers to automation.

Even at the first step, growers or control operators can already improve existing operations and decision making processes with better data management and better visualization tools. Ultimately, these fullstack products help transform your production operations, including but not limited to controlled environment agriculture (CEA), to be more efficient and more expandable.

Koidra’s products are designed to provide end-to-end intelligent automation solutions yet at the same time can be realized in multiple stages, with each stage being a standalone success.

Address:   500 Yale Ave. N. Suite 400 Seattle, WA 98109
Email:  careers@koidra.ai
Phone:  312-401-4027   FAX: 


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