Kamps Hydrangeas

Growing quality hydrangeas since 1993
We currently grow and sell hydrangeas through all their various stages from dormant to blooming. However, our specialty is dormant hydrangeas. Over the past 25 years our dormant production has grown in order to keep up with the increasing demand for our superior product. One key factor in the production of our superior quality hydrangeas is our location. We are situated in the centre of the Niagara Region, an area renowned for its wine and grape production. The same climate that is ideal for producing award-winning grapes is also the perfect climate for producing excellent hydrangeas. The Great Lakes that surround the region serve to moderate the temperature and provide a mild summer and a greatly lengthened fall. This uniquely lengthened growing season allows our hydrangeas to fully mature before they are brought in the cooler. Unlike the West Coast, our unique climate and the extra weeks spent outside in the field allow the plants to set a proper bud before dormancy and flower with a very high consistency.

The superior quality of our product is a direct result of the constant care and attention given to each plant. Our choice to exclusively produce hydrangeas allows us to dedicate the proper time and focus to the specific requirements of this demanding plant. Our hydrangeas are grown with a high degree of quality control to ensure a consistent plants that meets our standards. This means doing things like walking through the entire 6 acre field every day to keep an eye on how each plant is growing and making adjustments accordingly.

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