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Speaker: Cari Peters, VP - Formulator - Jack’s Master Crafter

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    Cari Peters

    Vice-President at JR Peters, Inc. 

    Cari Peters is Vice President at her family’s company, J.R.Peters Inc. She is proud to be the 3rd generation of Peters at the company, following both her Father and Grandfather, who introduced the original Peters fertilizers over 72 years ago.

    At J.R. Peters, Cari is the master-crafter working with the Jack’s Blue Crew to bring new fertilizer formulas to the horticultural industry. She also manages the J.R. Peters Laboratory & provides tech support – as in, real solutions to growers using the lab or Jack’s products.  Cari’s vision for Jack’s fertilizers include constantly looking for ways to help growers feed their plants more efficiently by using the most innovative nutrient sources.

    Background:  Cari is a Terp & a Blue Hen -- She received her Ph.D. in Plant Sciences (2004), M.S in Agronomy (2000) from the Univ. of Maryland and her B.S. in Biology from the Univ. of Delaware (1997).  She grew up with blue hands – her first job was fertilizing her grandparents’ flowers in their backyard when she was 8. You can hear her speak at many industry events and may even see some of the articles and chapters she has published through the years.  And lastly, she is passionate about passing on horticulture to the next generation by her involvement with a wonderful non-profit called Seed Your Future.

    Dan Gillespie

    Technical Specialist at JR Peters, Inc.

    Dan Gillespie is a technical specialist at J.R. Peters Inc. Dan assists growers develop nutrition plans, troubleshoot nutrient deficiencies, interpret lab results, and anything to help growers produce strong, healthy plants!  Dan’s background and specialty is in controlled environment agriculture and hydroponic vegetable production.

    Background: Dan is a Wildcat and a Buckeye – received M.S. in Horticulture and Crop Science at The Ohio State University and a B.S. in Controlled Environment Agriculture at The University of Arizona.  Before going back to school for his Master’s, Dan worked as a Plant Scientist at FarmShelf in Brooklyn, New York. FarmShelf builds book-shelf sized hydroponic units for restaurants to grow their own produce.  Dan grew out outside of Philadelphia in Delaware County, PA.

    JR PETERS: Finest in Water Soluble Fertilizers -- Quality plant food since 1947
    The family at JR PETERS INC. has made available a complete line of the most soluble fertilizer products for the true hobbyist home growers. We introduced our line of consumer products under the Jack's Classic label back in 1999. We offer a full line of fertilizer formulas made with the exact same quality raw materials that we design for the professional greenhouse grower in many different sizes and packages to fit our home grower's needs. This includes all of the standard formulations that gardeners have come to trust over the years. We have also developed several new innovative fertilizer formulas for your home that address nutritional issues with today's more popular plants.

    Address:     6656 Grant Way Allentown, PA 18106
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    Phone:    610-395-7104    FAX:    



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