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    Dr. Allison Justice

    Co-owner at The Hemp Mine 

    Dr. Allison Justice graduated from Clemson University with a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science.  Dr. Justice served as VP of Cultivation for OutCo LLC., a vertically integrated cannabis producer in San Diego, CA, for three years.  During this time, Justice led the cannabis industry in photobiology research where she dispelled the myths around growing with sole-source LEDs when being compared to legacy technology. This research led to expanding OutCo’s total canopy area by over 2x while reducing energy costs by 60%. 

    Today Dr. Justice owns a large scale hemp CBD extraction facility, SC Botanicals, in her home state of South Carolina. Dr. Justice also is co-owner at The Hemp Mine, a 40-acre hemp farm which manufactures consumer ready products. The Hemp Mine currently produces a wide array of different products ranging from smoke-able flower to tinctures of different concentrations for both humans and animals. These consumer products are sold in over 1,500 retail stores in the SE USA. 

    Additionally Dr. Justice has been an integral part of the California Industrial Hemp Advisory Board and SC Farm Bureau helping to advise policy and regulation.  Through research and education, Dr. Justice is elevating the standards of cannabis and hemp cultivation in all significant production systems, indoor, greenhouse and field production with an in-depth understanding of efficient extraction practices.

    Welcome to the Mine: Premium Hemp is our family's passion.
    We know our hemp--from start to finish, seed to consumer. And that kind of care is what makes our products premium. We start with quality high CBD hemp genetics. These are grown naturally without pesticides on our family land where crops have been farmed for 3 generations. We carefully harvest our plants and hang them to air dry in optimal conditions ensuring terpenes and cannabinoids are well preserved. Then we extract full spectrum hemp oil at our state of the art, super critical CO2 extraction facility. This extraction method preserves all of the compounds from the whole plant that contribute to the "entourage effect"--terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids. This is what we call FULL SPECTRUM. From there oil is ISO lab tested, formulated into product, and ISO lab tested again before being placed in the marketplace. We are a family of farmers, horticulturists, PhD scientists, designers, and creators. We have the experience and passion to create the products you can trust to start living your best life today.

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