Environmental Plant Management (EPM)

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Our mission is to manufacture top quality ecosystem friendly products for the agriculture & horticulture industry. Our line includes pesticides, fungicides, cleansers, water clearing, and soil rebuilding products.


Introducing Protection Plus® Insecticide Fungicide & Eco Green Plant Wash®
Protection Plus® -- Research laboratory testing results show that the first application of Protection Plus® will kill 98% of the Russet Mites, 89% of the Spider Mites, 98% of the Aphids, 90% of the Thrips, and 100% of the Whitefly. Tested for over 485 ingredients that could fail food, hemp, or cannabis testing. Outdoor harvesting is now made easier with Protection Plus® ... Outdoor harvesting has always been a little tricky when the plants are full of scorpions, spiders, and other insects living in the foliage. Scorpions and spiders are no match for Protection Plus®. Apply before harvesting coffee, bananas, hemp, and any other food crop to help protect workers. Regular applications of Protection Plus® during the growing season will help keep the plant free of biting and stinging insects.

Eco Green Plant Wash® -- Many horticulturists, large-scale growers, and backyard garden hobbyists have relied on oil-based pesticides like Neem oil to keep insects in check. One of Neem’s modes of killing is to suffocate the insect. That’s good, however, the suffocating action can also affect the plant by cutting off air and water passages on the leaf. That’s not so good. Many oil pesticides can slow plant growth or make the plants smell and taste bad if the pesticide is on the plant for too long.
Eco Green Plant Wash® was formulated to wash off oil pesticides and fungicides after their application. Spray your plant with your favorite oil pesticide and wait until it dries or enough time has passed to kill the insects. Then, wash it off with Eco Green Plant Wash®. What a difference in plant happiness! Just like you, plants love to be free of oil and dirt. Wash your plants weekly, they will love you for it. Buy Eco Green Plant Wash® today!

Ecosystem friendly products for horticulture & agriculture .... Science in Step with Nature

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