Producer of high quality insect protein  
Entosystem uses cutting edge insect farming technology in order to position itself as a major player in the field of agricultural circular economy. We produce entomological proteins and flour derived from insects with added value, by allowing, on the one hand, the recuperation of the nutritional value from food waste, and, on the other, a better control of food safety.

Our fertilizer consists of growth residue of our black soldier fly larvae including the exoskeleton from their mutation as well as the unconsumed food leftovers. Entirely natural, this fertilizer contains insect chitin and essential micro-organisms fostering the growth of plants. It can be mixed in the soil and can also be applied on surface for slow dissolution. 100% organic and Ecocert approved!

To unleash the superpowers of insects in a cleaner, more sustainable and responsible food system

Address:   4141 Rue comtois Sherbrooke, QC J1L 1R7
Email:  info@entosystem.com
Phone:  514 212-8227   FAX: 


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