Our Mission is to provide a more focused, cost-effective way to introduce innovative ornamental plant genetics to the market, using an extremely selective introduction process, to insure the highest level of quality and fulfillment.

    The value of GardenChoice™ is undoubtedly rooted in the combined strength of our extended network of extremely knowledgeable and talented industry leaders. Look for these new introductions from GardenChoice™.

    Allium Chivette, enjoy the edible flowers and foliage on this little charmer. Standing out in the garden at 12-15” with lavender purple flowers with a purple stripe, you will find Chivette accompanied by green foliage all season long. This is another example of the great breeding of Brent Horvath and Intrinsic Perennial Gardens.

    Our next three introductions are brought to you by the breeding of Rick Grazzini and GardenGenetics

    Lagerstroemia GreatMyrtle™a zone 6 stem hardy Crepe Myrtle, available as a finished 10” from Butler’s Foliage. Choose from four delectable colors, available to ship in early April, in full bloom. Watch this innovative new plant bloom all summer long. Great for use in the garden, zone 6 or warmer or planters as a patio accent. 

    Nepeta SylvesterBlue™; enjoy this blooming beauty early summer through mid-fall, reliable and hardy zones 3-8. Great for containers, with prolific flowering and large blooms. Ask for this by name from one of our valued Network Partners. URC available from Kientzler for finished production; rooted liner from Davis Floral, Raker-Roberta’s, Pioneer Gardens or Plug Connection

    And last, but certainly not one to miss! MiniBeckia™Flame! This new Rudbeckia is just the flair (or Flame) that every landscape needs! This hot new plant is self -branching with a compact habit, reaches 18-24”, and will show continuous bloom for 8 + weeks. Along with great programmability for the grower, plant 1 plant per pot to finish approximately 8-12 weeks.

    Pollinators and Native Plants

    EHR is proud to represent several of the best producers of Pollinator Plants and Native Plants in the US! Whether you are looking for large landscape plugs, or finished plants for selling immediately at retail, we have you covered.

    Sunset Farmstead - Growers of finished, retail ready, pollinator and native plants, located in Bordentown, New Jersey. They also offer a broad selection of plants in the American Beauties program, grown in the branded containers. In their own words "At Sunset Farmstead we believe that the foundation of our ecosystem begins with flora and fauna working together to sustain life. Research indicates that 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat requires a pollinator.  Our belief is that we can make a difference by producing plants that encourage pollinators to visit our designed landscapes and give them a place to stay awhile." Click here for a current price list.

    New Moon Nursery - Wholesale North American Native Perennial and Grass Liners. Eastern native perennial plant material for landscape professionals, container production, storm water management, and restoration. New Moon grows all plant material in a deep plug. Our DP50 plug measures 2" x 4.5", 50 count per tray. The DP50 liner is suitable for planting directly in the landscape, or container production. Many of our plants are offered in a DP72 plug, measuring 1.5" x 3", 72 count per tray. The DP72 is suitable for quick container production. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality plant material, at a fair price. Click here for a current availability.

    Pizzo Native Plant Nursery - Midwest grower of a broad selection of plants native to the US, in large and deep landscape plugs, perfect for transplanting directly into the landscape, or for a fast finish in gallon and 2 gallon containers. Their Vision – “That native plants are used in all planting applications, because their value in enhancing and restoring our environment is widely understood and accepted.” Their Mission – “Build ecologically balanced communities through education, promotion, cultivation and trade of top-quality native plants.” Click here to view their Plant List and/or see their current availability.

    Taylor Creek Restoration Nursery - 'Where Beauty Meets Ecology'. Taylor Creek grows an amazing selection of pollinator plants and native plants at their locations in Baldwin, KS, and Brodhead, WI, all in large and deep landscape plugs.Their Values - "At Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, we lead the way in science-based native plant propagation. With a 30-year track record, we offer the highest quality native, local-genotype seed and plants as well as the expertise to use and care for them. We specialize in meeting the needs of clients requesting specific origins. Taylor Creek’s local genotype seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native habitat remnants. Although our nursery can provide a range of genotypes from throughout the U.S., it is Taylor Creek’s practice to produce seed and plants most often from the vicinity of our nurseries. We track origins diligently and carry more than one genotype, for biodiversity propagation as well as customer service. And, we are pleased to offer custom growing of ultra-local seed. We will also grow plants from nearly any eco-region on demand for clients whose projects require them. Because we are committed to a “first, do no harm” mindset, our plants are nursery grown; it’s not our practice to wild-collect live plants."   Click here for a list of their offerings and/or for availability.

    North Creek Nursery - An East Coast supplier of native and pollinator plants, grown in their trademarked Landscape Plugs™ as well as a solid selection in smaller starter plugs.  In their own words: “North Creek strives to promote sustainable outdoor environments. As a wholesale propagation nursery, we specialize in growing starter plants or plugs of perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, vines and shrubs with an emphasis on Eastern US native plants. Our plants are used by wholesale growers and landscape contractors. Landscape Plugs™ provide planting solutions for ecological projects including storm water management, soil stabilization, landscape restoration and habitat establishment. Our vision is to be a leader in the development and practice of sustainable horticultural systems while delighting our customers.” One of EHR’s favorite things that they offer are large plugs of hardy ferns. Click here for more information on their plant offerings and/or for availability.

    Retail Ready Products

    We represent a broad range of products that are ‘Retail Ready’, all set for you to bring into your store and sell right away. You can follow a link on each of the suppliers listed below to get a more complete description of each.

    DeVroomen Holland - Citrus Plants This best selling new intro from last year is back, and with better availability! Shipped direct to your store on attractive racks, an assortment of best selling citrus plants in colorful gallon containers or in deep, colorful 6" pots, with showy descriptive labels and POP included. All are delivered via LTL, and the price includes the rack and shipping. The rack with 6" plants can be shipped as early as the first week of April, and the gallons can ship as early as May 9. Click here for all of the details on placing your order. 

    Pope's Plant Farm - Succulents in Decorative Containers - Succulents are hot, and Pope’s Plant Farm is the best and easiest place to buy them! With gorgeous planters already planted up and ready to sell and a great selection of individual plants in 2”, 3”, 4” or 6” plants in grower pots, Pope’s is your one stop shop for the best selection in succulents for spring. And they make it easy – Start your spring season with retail racks that are either pre-assorted, or you choose the mix. Right off the truck, into your store and into your customer’s shopping carts! Fill in as the season progresses with boxed material that ship FedEx freight. For your own catalog, click here to download. For pictures and descriptions of their best-sellers and order starters, click here.

    Mulberry Miniatures - Faery Garden Plants - You now have access to one of the most extensive lines of miniature plants offered in a retail ready size in the world! Unbox them in your store, put them on the bench, and watch them sell. Grown and sold in 2 ½” pots, in trays of 64, and offered in 4 separate types of plants: Hardy Sun Plants, Hardy Shade Plants, Tropical Sun Plants, and Tropical Shade Plants. Buy them by the variety, or allow them to mix them up for you. Added bonus – they have tree forms of a number of plants too, giving your displays depth and character! Click here to download their catalog and order form, or click here to visit their website, your one-stop to help you be successful with this fun and magical hobby.

    Silverleaf Greenhouse - EZOrder Herb Pallet Rack - Here’s a one-stop shopping option for offering herbs in your Garden Center, the EZOrder Pallet Rack of Herbs from Silverleaf Greenhouses, one of the premier herb growers in America! This rack includes a selection of best-selling herbs in 2 ½” pots, an assortment of larger plants in 4” pots, and a collection of combos, Lavender and Rosemary Tree Standards, and some of the ‘Pick-Me-Up-and-Go’, handle carry, combo packs. In the 2 ½” pots you will receive 8 each of 4 different scented geraniums, 8 each of 4 different mildew resistant basils from Rutgers University, 16 -Lavender ‘Sensational!’, one of the most exciting new intros in lavender, 16 - Lemon Grass, and more. The 4” collection includes 30 different herbs, 5 of each. Click here for a more complete breakdown of what’s included.

    Holt Nursery - Is the 'The Master of the Assortment', specializing in succulents, ferns/foliage, faery garden plants, and carnivorous plants - ranging from 1" to 4" pots.  In other terms, we take the guesswork out of what sells.  By ordering our assortments, the product is aesthetically arranged in trays so it goes from box to shelf and ready to sell within minutes!  No tedious rearranging.  Orders are shipped via Fed Ex Ground Service for economical freight and orders of 10 boxes or more will ship via Fed Ex Freight. 

    Russell's Bromeliads - "Quality Tillandsia are our specialty!" - Russell's Bromeliads is a wholesale grower, importer & distributor of Tillandsia (air plants) of the bromeliad family.  We grow many Tillandsia from reproductive off-sets & also by seed germination. Russell's has individual varieties to build your own displays such as Brachycaulous, Ionantha & Xerographic to finished products such as Sea Urchin w/air plant hangers & Holiday Reindeer Planters w/air plant.

    Most complete selection of plants & products for the professional grower.

    Eason Horticultural Resources (EHR) serves as a consultant and sales agent to retail garden center growers, wholesale greenhouse growers, nurserymen, and landscapers. We provide critical evaluation and live availability access for products from a wide range of suppliers, arrange for shipping directly to our customers, and invoice them upon receipt. We are a personalized purchasing agent that strives to understand our customers’ needs and advises them on purchasing the finest quality ornamental products at the best possible price.

    Our staff is comprised of 28 regional field representatives that are supported by 17 administrative professionals at our headquarters in Ft Wright, Kentucky. EHR is a member of AmericanHort – an Association of Floriculture Professionals, an original supporter of America In Bloom as well as HRI – Horticultural Research Institute, a member of the Oregon Nursery Association, and a member of most every major state organization where we do business. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable and efficient business process that makes our customers profitable.

    We will strive to offer only the best horticultural products and services in the most efficient manner possible at the most competitive prices available for our customers and suppliers. We will always provide honesty, integrity, and a “thank you” to all those with whom we do business.

    Address:     939 Helen Ruth Dr. Ft. Wright, KY 41017
    Email:     Contact:  
    Phone:    (859) 578-3535   FAX:  (859)578-2266



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